Gemstone Facial Massage Roller

Gemstone Facial Massage Roller

Face rolling has been around centuries! Specifically with jade rollers going way back to the tang dynasty 💕 Many people swear by these in adding some umff to their daily skin routine. You can use these to massage serum into your pores, making sure to roll upwards. These help with:

Facial Inflammation ✨

Circulation ✨

Dark Spots ✨

Dark Undereyes ✨

Skin Brightening ✨ 

Anti Aging ✨

Collagen Production ✨ 

And to calm Inflammed skin due to acne ✨ 


You can put it in your freezer when not in use & roll upwards to help your skin look more glowy and alive😌😌 

I can ASSURE these are all REAL gemstones 💕✨🌱🌿 


Much love and light !


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