Dream Spell Incense

Dream Spell Incense

This loose leaf incense was created behind the intention of inviting livening energy into your space & home 🌿

🌹Roses: the highest vibrating flower in the universe !

🌱Catnip: not only for kitties but this is a staple love herb

💜Lavender: to bring in relaxation and a sweet aroma

& 🌿Damiana m: for those aphrodisiac properties ✨

All hand ground with a base of frankinsence resin✨

Each herbs and resin used in this blend was meditated on and called to be a part of a love blend 🌸

These herbs are Reiki Infused🌿💞

This loose leaf incense is made to be used on a charcoal coal 💕

This kit does come with a 10pack roll of charcoal . 


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